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Customized Management and Hiring Best-Practices

Sarah Larkin Birdsong works at the intersection of tech and the interpersonal. Making the workplace inclusive and validating is her primary professional objective. Through education, interpersonal resolution, self-awareness, and structural change, organizations can become more creative and productive while their staff enjoy and self-actualize.

With an academic background in sociology and anti-oppression training, Sarah combines her multicultural therapeutic soft-skills to create a comfortable space to learn and develop solutions to internal diversity challenges.

Her specialization is bringing awareness to implicit (or unconscious) bias and microaggressions in order to develop best-practices in management and hiring.  


"In many respects, teaching and learning are matters of breaking through barriers — of expectation, of boredom, of predefinition."

Maxine Greene


Customized Soft Skills Workshops


Sarah provides time-tested workshops tailored to the needs of your company or team. Using a combination of lecture-based and experiential learning, these workshops are informative, team-building, and an opportunity to internalize best-practices. 

Topics include,

  • giving and receiving feedback, 

  • mitigating implicit bias in hiring and management,

  • impostor syndrome and self-advocacy,

  • team dynamics and personality needs,

  • communication for managers, and

  • solution based best-practices for individualized needs.


Brooklyn, NY
Atlanta, GA

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