Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Specialist



Psychotherapist  //  Educator

Sarah Larkin Birdsong provides coaching and trainings for professionals in the corporate and tech space. For three years she was the in-house therapist and soft skills educator at Dev Bootcamp, the first immersive coding bootcamp of its time. As a therapist in the tech/startup space, Sarah honed a specialization in the psycho/social/emotional experience of the developer. As an educator, she ran more than thirteen hours of emotional intelligence curriculum hundreds of times. With two graduate degrees in Multicultural Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, she has an academic foundation in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, trained and practiced soft skills, and intimate knowledge of the workspace experience ~ all of which contribute to her innovative approach to Diversity goals.

Because what Sarah does is so unique, sometimes its best in her own words. Read an interview below about why and how she works, or watch an ignite talk (below) covering the same topic. ​


Because most team projects fail not because of a lack of technical skills, but because of a lack of interpersonal ones. 



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