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White Noise on Black Background


I come to this work through a psycho/social/emotional lens. To hold space, in my role as a therapist, for deep personal work of understanding our own assumptions and biases, so we can better communicate and work with a diversity of folks. 

I have always been recruited to this work by underrepresented minorities in the space and I intend to keep it that way. It is for this reason alone that I know I have a place in this space. I see my service as protecting underrepresented minorities —on their invitation — from having to do the emotional labor of defending their dignity and right to exist in the workplace, often at the risk of their career and finances. 

It is my personal work to constantly examine my role as a white person in the unbiasing space. If your company is looking for anti-racism work, deconstructing white supremacy, and fighting anti-blackness, may I direct you to Black educators like Monique Melton, Kyana Wheeler, Rachel Ricketts, and Dena Simmons. I have no intention of building my career on the existence of white supremacy. 

To continue to explore the intersects of anti-racism, trauma, whiteness, and therapy I highly recommend listening to this episode of On Being, interviewing Resmaa Menakem the foremost expert on the subject with whom's perspective I align deeply. 

Anti-Racism: About
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