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Diversity is Talent Aquisition

Companies put a lot of time and energy into talent acquisition, but without an equitable and inclusive culture, it is challenging to grow and retain that diverse talent. 

Diversity training is key to establishing company guidelines of language and behavior and debunking certain myths that may be impeding growth. But, without intrapersonal development through empathic experience, the training remains intellectualized rather than internalized, and likely won't show lasting impact. 

Psycho-social coaching, informed by the solid research base of Counseling Psychology, is the most innovative and sound approach for lasting cultural change. When combined with a strong talent acquisition program and the proper learning and development, companies can achieve what we're all aiming for --- Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the workplace.

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Learn how to lead diverse teams and get the most out of unique perspectives with personalized and confidential anti-bias training.

  • Identify personal blindspots

  • Process challenging 360 feedback

  • With integrated soft skills development

  • All tailored to the individual

The most effective and efficient way to develop anti-bias awareness is through 1:1 diversity education and reality checking. Diversity Coaching is an opportunity to lay out one's assumptions and biases in a safe and confidential space in order to question long-held and potentially unconscious beliefs and replace the problematic with the evidence-based. 

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  • Strengthen Retention

  • Expanded Market Demographic

  • More Diversity in Upper Management

  • Increased Performance 

  • Higher Financial Returns

  • Healthier Culture

  • Larger Perspective for Creativity

  • Greater Innovation

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More About Sarah's Coaching Style

Sarah considers coaching a collaborative practice in communication and connection. It is an opportunity to look frankly at one's professional skills, resources, and assets, as well as challenges and obstacles, in order to reach the individual's and the company's goals. Her open-minded and accepting approach to coaching helps Birdsong's clients process interpersonal and technical challenges, manage stress, make strong decisions, and better understand their professional needs and trajectory.

Her life’s work has focused on progressive and holistic education and wellness. With a background in couples counseling, she has a unique set of skills to process interpersonal dynamics among founders, C-Suite executives, and managers in training. She has coached, counseled, and taught in startups and tech companies for the last five years. 

Birdsong graduated with an M.A. and Ed.M from Columbia University in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Multicultural Counseling. She has been trained in anti-racism and LGBT SafeZone, yoga and meditation, and strength-based interpersonal psychotherapy with Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) components.

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