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Sarah Larkin Birdsong works at the intersection of tech and the interpersonal. Making the workplace inclusive and validating is her primary professional objective. Through education, interpersonal resolution, self-awareness, and structural change, organizations can become more creative and productive while their staff enjoys and self-actualizes.

With an academic background in sociology and anti-oppression training, Sarah combines her multicultural therapeutic soft-skills to create a comfortable space to learn and develop solutions to internal communication and management challenges.

Her specialization is increasing self-awareness and communication in order to develop best-practices in management and hiring.  

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Customized Soft Skills Workshops


Sarah provides time-tested workshops tailored to the needs of your company or team. Using a combination of lecture-based and experiential learning, these workshops are informative, team-building, and an opportunity to internalize best-practices. 

Topics include,​

  • DiSC Model for Team Dynamics

  • Navigating Vulnerability in the Workplace

  • Imposter Syndrome and the Inner Critic

  • Introverts and Extroverts: Diversity Outside of Identity

  • Time Management & Productivity

  • Self Advocacy

  • Deep Dive into Microaggressions and Implicit Bias

  • How to Give and Receive Feedback

  • Practicing the Steps to an Effective Apology

  • Nonviolent Communication in Difficult Conversations

  • Your Brain on Triggers (the neuroscience behind emotional regulation)

  • An Intro to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Experiencing Empathy

  • Establishing and Fostering Inclusive Team Culture

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